Ooooohhh... aaaaaahhh! It's moving! I know you are all captivated! And I know you will keep reading to see what else I have to say... Well, you will have to wait a moment! *does the Spatula Dance for the scrollingness of the text* Yes, yes! Otay, that is all I have to say... no, wait... I thought of something else! Hold on! I'm thinking! And I'm thinking! Almost there! No... I was wrong! I have nothing more to say! You can stop reading now! Hey... I said stop reading! What is wrong with you? There is nothing left to read! This is all boring! Have you not figured out that I am done talking? Did you not get the memo? STOP READING ME! Blah to you! Otay... *does the Spatula Dance* And just think... if you had stopped reading, you would have missed it! Good for you farfalarfer! Ooooohhh... i just thought of one more thing....

Welcome to our Wonderful World of Nonsense, also known as Spatula Land, where the official dance is the Spatula Dance! *Does the Spatula Dance* This blog is for our own enjoyment, not for the hordes of people who will be coming to see it everyday! Infact it is pretty much a huge inside joke between the Captain and I! So, for most of you, this blog will not make much sense! My apologies friend, you have no manner of luck at all!

For those of you to whom it does make sense… welcome to our FLOW! *waves arms up and down frantically in a wave like motion* You must be somewhat used to the CMF ... no, not a Chocolate Malt Frappuccino, my drink of choice from Starbucks... you know, the Clarissa-Megan Flow (not to be confused with the EAC... East Australian Curent). Either that, or you understand Clarissa-Meganese (remember... it's one word, hyphenated), the language of... um, it's not the language of love, nor the language of making sense... so what is it the language of? Oh! I know! Pick me! Pick me! It's the language of floopy-ness and *squishy*-ness! It is the official language of Spatula Land! Need I say more?

Right... Bucklebury Ferry... follow me! Fasten your seat belt, and for your own safety, please remain seated through the course of your stay here, keeping your hands and arms inside the train at all times! Thank you, and enjoy the ride! :o)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

By the way, my farfalarfers... feel free to leave the Captain and me a message to show us how much you love our farfalarferness!


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Welcome all you blog people, you! This is how many people have looked at our blog since October 21st, 2003! Wow... lot's of people! I'm impressed! They like me, they really like me! What was that Captain? You say they like you, not me? It's only cuz you are obsessed with Kilts and Spatulas! Hey... I don't care why people visit, I am just excited that they do! *Does the Spatula Dance* As long as people keep coming to hear about Kilts and Spatulas, thet are hearing all of my nonsense too! WhoooHoooo to all you people who enjoy nonsense (and the Spatula Dance)! :o)

Pharmacy Drug

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Now... it is finally time to introduce you all the the Spatula Dance! *does the Spatula Dance* Though the Captain and I have many claims to fame, our first and most wide spread is the Spatula Dance! It is also the dearest one to my heart! So here are some *squishy boy heads* who want to demonstrate it for you! Give them a round of applause! WhoooHoooo for the Spatula Dance and the Spatula Dancers!

Okay... so these picture might look as though "Monkey Boy" and "The Funny" were doing the Microphone Dance... but don't be deceived... with a lack of spatulas at Comic-Con 2003, they were forced to deal with the only thing they could get their hands on, which ended up being microphones! On with the Spatula Dance, boys!

*does the Spatula Dance*

Oh look, even the text above is doing the Spatula Dance! WhoooHoooo! The Spatula Dance is a free form dance style where you just go crazy and act like a Farfalarfer... you know, a unique and off-centered person! It doesn't matter what you look like as long as you are having fun... that is the key to the Spatula Dance... just be yourself! It is a dance full of joy and excitment... after all, it is a dance for Farfalarfers and Spatula-loving people everywhere! Still a little confused about the infamous Saptula Dance which has been sweeping the nation? Check out my Ode to the Spatula Dance, written on Oct. 25, or my entry about it on Oct. 22 (which includes more pictures)! *does the Spatula Dance*

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I would quickly like to give a big "Thanks!" to the wonderful people at BagEndInn, from whom I get most of the pictures of "The Funny", "Monkey Boy", and "The Glasgow-Residenatator" found on this blog!

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Wednesday, December 24, 2003
Merry Christmas and Pippin New Year!

Hello there all you blogy peoples, you!  It was my desire to give all of you a special present for this ever so brrrrrilliant Christmas, seeing as it is the first official Christmas here is Spatula Land!  Unfortunately, the budget is tight, so I decided to give you all a very special entry of nonsense instead!  To kick off this wonderful Christmas entry, I found some Christmas friends to do the Spatula Dance for you…


*Squish*Squish* to the Spatula Dancers!  Aren’t they oh so cute?  I thought so!  Plus it’s the Spatula Dance!  What better way to celebrate is there than to do the Spatula Dance?  NONE!!!  *does the Spatula Dance… the Christmas Spatula Dance*  Yay for Christmas… for the Spatula Dance… for the Christmas Spatula Dance!   Hehehe…  I also drew this for you guys, to wish you… well… to wish you what it says on it, so read what it says and you will know what I wish you…

That’s right!  I wish you all a Merry Christmas!  And… I know, I know!  You are all amazed at the computer graphics and think that I should start my own business selling such beautiful works of art!  I will consider it, but until then, I am happy in my career as 1stMate of Spatula Land!  Ooooh… that remind me!  Merry Christmas, Captain!  I love you!  And I have a very special Christmas present for you!  You are gonna love it!  Are you ready?  Here it is…

That’s right!  *blink*blink* *blink*blink* *blink*blink*  Hehehehe!  If any of you out there don’t understand the significance of this one little blinking light or how much excitement it just brought to the Captain, then clearly you’ve never been to Singapore!  Merry Christmas, Captain!  Aren’t you excited?  Are you doing the Spatula Dance right now?  I thought so!  Heheheh!  And it didn’t even blow up Dom’s head, exposing all the green goo… heheheh!  AnyBEAN!  I have one more thing for you, Captain… but you will have to share it with everyone else out there!  Here is Santa Wood and his helper, Dom the Elf... 

Yes, yes… I am a weirdy-weirdo, weirdo, weird isn’t funny!  Hehehehe!  Isn’t that cute?  I love that, mon!  Yes, yes… Christmas time gets me very excited and hyper and all that jazz!  But, alas, it is time for me to get going!  There are cookies to be baked and presents to be wrapped before we bust out in tomorrow’s celebrations of Christmas here in Spatula Land!  But before I leave, I have a couple of last minute things for all of you out there!  First, a Drinking S… wait… scratch that… a Christmas Song by Merry and Pippin...

Hey ho, “Merry Christmas” I go

I hope this greeting drowns your woe

Though rain and snow may fall on you

I hope you have A Pippin New Year too


Sweet is the presence of a good friend

So to all of you my blessings I send

But better than any gift I give

Is the fact that Jesus does still live

Wasn’t that cute?  I think that the Captain and I are Pippin and Merry, respectively, which is why we can sing their song for you!  Yes, yes… and before I forget, we made a special Christmas card for you…

In closing, the Captain and I would just like to sing a song for you!  Unfortunately, you cannot hear our ever so brrrrrilliant and beautiful voices, so we will just have to write the words out and you can pretend to listen to us sing…

We wish you a Merry Christmas,

We wish you a Merry Christmas,

We wish you a Merry Christmas

And a Pippin New Year!


Good tidings we send

To you, our dear friend,

Have a Merry Christmas

And a Pippin New Year!

This eccentric performance of nonsensical randomness took place at 01:56 pm by Savvy1stMate!

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