Ooooohhh... aaaaaahhh! It's moving! I know you are all captivated! And I know you will keep reading to see what else I have to say... Well, you will have to wait a moment! *does the Spatula Dance for the scrollingness of the text* Yes, yes! Otay, that is all I have to say... no, wait... I thought of something else! Hold on! I'm thinking! And I'm thinking! Almost there! No... I was wrong! I have nothing more to say! You can stop reading now! Hey... I said stop reading! What is wrong with you? There is nothing left to read! This is all boring! Have you not figured out that I am done talking? Did you not get the memo? STOP READING ME! Blah to you! Otay... *does the Spatula Dance* And just think... if you had stopped reading, you would have missed it! Good for you farfalarfer! Ooooohhh... i just thought of one more thing....

Welcome to our Wonderful World of Nonsense, also known as Spatula Land, where the official dance is the Spatula Dance! *Does the Spatula Dance* This blog is for our own enjoyment, not for the hordes of people who will be coming to see it everyday! Infact it is pretty much a huge inside joke between the Captain and I! So, for most of you, this blog will not make much sense! My apologies friend, you have no manner of luck at all!

For those of you to whom it does make sense… welcome to our FLOW! *waves arms up and down frantically in a wave like motion* You must be somewhat used to the CMF ... no, not a Chocolate Malt Frappuccino, my drink of choice from Starbucks... you know, the Clarissa-Megan Flow (not to be confused with the EAC... East Australian Curent). Either that, or you understand Clarissa-Meganese (remember... it's one word, hyphenated), the language of... um, it's not the language of love, nor the language of making sense... so what is it the language of? Oh! I know! Pick me! Pick me! It's the language of floopy-ness and *squishy*-ness! It is the official language of Spatula Land! Need I say more?

Right... Bucklebury Ferry... follow me! Fasten your seat belt, and for your own safety, please remain seated through the course of your stay here, keeping your hands and arms inside the train at all times! Thank you, and enjoy the ride! :o)

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Welcome all you blog people, you! This is how many people have looked at our blog since October 21st, 2003! Wow... lot's of people! I'm impressed! They like me, they really like me! What was that Captain? You say they like you, not me? It's only cuz you are obsessed with Kilts and Spatulas! Hey... I don't care why people visit, I am just excited that they do! *Does the Spatula Dance* As long as people keep coming to hear about Kilts and Spatulas, thet are hearing all of my nonsense too! WhoooHoooo to all you people who enjoy nonsense (and the Spatula Dance)! :o)

Pharmacy Drug

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Now... it is finally time to introduce you all the the Spatula Dance! *does the Spatula Dance* Though the Captain and I have many claims to fame, our first and most wide spread is the Spatula Dance! It is also the dearest one to my heart! So here are some *squishy boy heads* who want to demonstrate it for you! Give them a round of applause! WhoooHoooo for the Spatula Dance and the Spatula Dancers!

Okay... so these picture might look as though "Monkey Boy" and "The Funny" were doing the Microphone Dance... but don't be deceived... with a lack of spatulas at Comic-Con 2003, they were forced to deal with the only thing they could get their hands on, which ended up being microphones! On with the Spatula Dance, boys!

*does the Spatula Dance*

Oh look, even the text above is doing the Spatula Dance! WhoooHoooo! The Spatula Dance is a free form dance style where you just go crazy and act like a Farfalarfer... you know, a unique and off-centered person! It doesn't matter what you look like as long as you are having fun... that is the key to the Spatula Dance... just be yourself! It is a dance full of joy and excitment... after all, it is a dance for Farfalarfers and Spatula-loving people everywhere! Still a little confused about the infamous Saptula Dance which has been sweeping the nation? Check out my Ode to the Spatula Dance, written on Oct. 25, or my entry about it on Oct. 22 (which includes more pictures)! *does the Spatula Dance*

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Thursday, December 25, 2003
A List of 78 Points of Randomness Needed to Celebrate Christmas in a Farfalarfery Way!

Following the traditions of what we do to celebrate every holidays here in Spatula Land, I give you all another list of randomness for your Christmas reading enjoyment!  To be more specific, this one is, “A List of 78 Points…”  on second thought, just look above to find out what the title is, because it is too long to type out… though, now that I have typed all of this out, it would have been less to type out the title of the entry!  AnyBEAN!  Enjoy!  And have a Merry Christmas and a Pippin New Year! 

1.  Stic-fanta!  Need I say more?

2.  And a-one-uh, and a-2-uh, and a-3-uh

3.  A tule fog fills the sky—Yuletide.

4.  You know… a tule fog fool!  A fool fog tule!

5.  Pull up an iceberg and lend an ear!

6.  I felt like wind…

7.  It’s all about the picture with the water bottles in Venice!  Yes, yes!

8.  That wrapping job is Harrison Ford basically, Captain!

9.  I like eggs in the morning and bacon at night!  Is that it?

10.  LIAR!!!! 

11.  hummina… hummina… hummus…

12.  I am like an onion… layers! 

13.  Oban won ka-noban

14.  “The Sanitation Army is digging us out”

15.  fruit cake… is it cakey fruit or fruity cake or fuel for the fire?

16.  Please note: there is a difference between Kwanza and Ramadan!

17.  head with big dots = creepy

18.  …and there I was looking like an ice-cream cone!

19.  Business goes on as usual except for the occasional abominable. 

20.  *impersonates the Captain’s weird sound from the bank parking lot*

21.  corn ears symbolizes parenthood

22.  WARNING: both skinny dipping and chunky dunking are prohibited here in Spatula Land!

23.  Topo Gigio

24.  Little full, lotta sap!

25.  It’s not my cup of Tea…

26.  Oncle Pascal rocks!  *squish*

27.  Campbeltown Loch I wish you were Starbucks, Campbeltown Loch, och aye!  Campbeltown Loch I wish you were Starbucks, I would drink ye dry! 

28.  BEAN count Herb demo

29.  They’re like a million-druplets!

30.  He died saving uz, my kinsmen and me…

31.  jingle bells

32.  Jeremy Camp’s new CD comes out Feb 10th of next year… just thought you all were dying to know that! 

33.  hi… this “hi” is not in a box… therefore it is “hi” not in a box… or a boxless “hi”… this “hi” would be much kooler if it was in a box… cuz then it would be “hi” in a box… “hi”-in-a-box-es rock!

34.  Bowling… 1… 2… 3… 4… 5…

35.  Please note that his nickname is BigGuy… not BigEye… though the two sound exactly alike when I say them out loud!  He does not have one massive eye in the middle of his forehead!  Just thought you would like to know! 

36.  shot on location in Europe

37.  Blah to Naples and to tossing cookies!

38.  Oh my gosh!  A pen… cil!  Yes, yes… pencil, pencil, pen isn’t funny!

39.  they need paper in jail…

40.  candy canes and mistletoe

41.  I need some scotch tape… oooh, oooh, with the drinkingness… not scotch! 

42.  You know way back in the history of his family… *pokes eye*

43.  *sings*  Even the domesticated animals were consumed with glee!

44.  Caribbean cupcakes… hoho!

45.  Oh babes!  Oh babes… it hurts!  I can’t ride my horse now babes!

46.  *impersonates Devon, the D-ster’s* “GOBBLE”

47.  TEST… yeah… it’s still working…

48.  I like to make designs with my teeth.

49.  He’s daft… but not like Jack!

50.  troosers

51.  Please do not confuse Chad Bishop with the Bishop of Chad!

52.  Hey you scowerbag!  Stop that! 

53.  I have a red stamp on my hand.  It is not a wax one.

54.  Life sustaining supplies: cornmeal, gun powder, ham hocks, and guitar strings. 

55.  CIDER!!!  CIDER!!!!

56.  Only 12 more days left until Jan. 6th, 2004!  Yeah!  Wooohoooo!  *does the Spatula Dance*  And you all thought I had forgotten!  Ahhh the glory of Jan. 6th and it’s only being 12 days away…

57.  Snow?  What’s snow, precious? 

58.  You are not supposed to taste your clothes after bringing them home from the dry cleaners.  But if you did, they would leave a dry and clean after taste.

59.  59.

60.  chocolate… yummy… *drools*

61.  He is so old and so fogieish!

62.  YeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeahYeah

63.  Except to uz… except for uz?  Except for to uz?  BASTA!

64.  I want to see “The Pu-nis-her”.

65.  Punish the putrescence!  Bad putrescence!  Bad little putrescence!  Bad!

66.  Always remember to dress DomCasual… or at least type in the font DomCasual!

67.  *nose beeps*  Great bouncing icebergs! 

68.  Please don’t take offence…You can take a fence… like a white picket one… but not offence… yes, yes… no offence… but yes a fence… savvy?

69.  Robert is not my uncle... David is my uncle…

70.  Hope you enjoy the chair Captain!  Betchya you can’t guess what I am keeping for myself!

71.  On Tuesdays you should always wear your hair hair-like… or at least wear it blue!

72.  Kirk… yes, yes… kirk!

73.  You say your belly button’s missing?  There’s no reason for alarm…

74.  HEY!!!!  HI!!!!

75.  Dun dun, da da dun dun, da da dun dun, da da dun!  Dun dun, da da dun dun, da da dun dun, da da dun!  Dun dun, da da dun dun, da da dun dun, da da dun! Dun, da da dun, dan da da dun,  dun dun dun! 

76.  Oosaromandombo!

77.  Savvy Street was brought to you today by the letter æ and by the number 6,521,943.

78.  Have a Merry Christmas and a Pippin New year!

This eccentric performance of nonsensical randomness took place at 08:41 pm by Savvy1stMate!

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